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How to Create a Storytelling Marketing Strategy

Over the last decade, marketers have started to use a storytelling marketing strategy to add monetary value to products or brands. Evidence of the strategy's effect unearthed...

Is Your Marketing Success Measurable or Make-Believe?

Is marketing an art or a science? The simple answer is: it is both.

Targeting Your Real Audience through Market Segmentation

To be a successful marketer, your first thought has to be the consumer and spending time breaking down who they are in their habits, opinions, and behaviors. This process is...

Some Affordable Content Management Tools for Struggling SMBs

Life was going along fine. You were creating beautiful content on schedule. It was so easy with all the contributors under one roof to meet your timeline and produce...

Employee Spotlight: Quinn Daily

This week we're shining our spotlight on Quinn Daily, a videographer with an interesting personal mantra.

Your Customers Have Changed: Re-Evaluating Your Target Audience

There's an old Yiddish proverb that states: "We plan, God laughs." So far the year 2020 has driven home the point that marketing plans may be among the most hilarious conceits...

Long Live the Pixel: The Power of Facebook Custom Audiences

Think about how you decide who would most benefit from receiving your Facebook ads. Chances are, you would prefer to show them to people who have already interacted with your...

National Creativity Day

It's National Creativity Day, but the creative juices never stop flowing here at Emmis Marketing! Here's a few ways that our team stays creative, whether they're in the office...

Why Everyone is Talking About Retargeting and What You Should Do About It

In a perfect world, all your customers would follow a clearly identified, step-by-step process, from discovering they need your product to clicking purchase on your website the...

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Woldahl

Today we're shining the spotlight on Kevin Woldahl, a talented graphic designer with a knack for animation. 

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