3 Ways to Combine OTT with other Digital Marketing Channels

OTT marketing is a powerful medium for reaching and engaging with your target consumers. A mountain of solid evidence backs up this conclusion. For instance, one study found that the OTT market's penetration rate is 164 OTT subscriptions per 100 households in the United States, 132 per 100 in Canada, and 68 per 100 in China. Moreover, Roku's research predicts that some 60 million households will exclusively stream TV content by 2025 — a number that would likely overshadow traditional TV viewership by then.

Even though OTT advertising is highly effective in its own right, it is even more impactful when incorporated into an integrated marketing strategy. Such a unified approach can help you to achieve optimal results from your marketing efforts across several channels. Here are three ways to combine your OTT advertising with other digital marketing channels.

Cross-Channel Marketing

One of the most effective ways to drive brand reach and engagement is to retarget your ads through web and mobile platforms to complete the cross-channel marketing "loop." For instance, you can leverage device thumbprints, website retargeting tactics, and IP retargeting on OTT traffic to drive optimal results.

The great thing about cross-channel marketing is the relative ease of integration. You can incorporate several major platforms into your overall retargeting strategies, such as Instagram, Facebook, and mobile apps scores.

What would successful cross-channel marketing look like? Imagine that you're operating an online footwear store. A consumer enters a search phrase into Google (or another engine) related to new shoes and clicks through to your website. However, before the consumer purchases anything, they bounce from your site.

Later in the day, the consumer turns on their connected TV to watch something through an OTT platform. Since their account is associated with the same IP address, they get a targeted OTT ad — for your footwear brand! This type of cross-channel marketing can drive a "second chance" business and increase your conversion rate across the board.


Retargeting is a significant component in cross-channel marketing, but it is also a powerful technique in its own right. Retargeting tactics allow you to present ads to the same demographics across OTT and other digital platforms, time and time again. The result is an increase in the number of times your audience is presented with your brand.

Retargeting tactics typically rely on "cookies" or tracking pixels that can follow a consumer's IP address as he or she browses to different parts of the Internet. Thus, if a consumer first visits your brand's website, then visits an online news outlet, and then later watches OTT content via a streaming service, you could potentially serve up ads to that consumer across all three channels.

How effective is retargeting? Research indicates that it can be a powerful driver for marketing ROI. For instance:

  • Retargeted website visitors who are 43% more likely to convert.
  • Three out of every five online viewers pay attention to ads showing a product they viewed on another page.
  • The click-through rate (CTR) of retargeted ads are, on average, 10x higher than that of typical display ads.


Last but not least, personalization is one of the most impactful ways to engage with your target audience across several digital marketing channels, including OTT. In this context, personalization is defined as the strategy of delivering ads to those who show interest in similar products and services that you offer.

Personalization tactics are primarily based on a consumer's past activity, purchase history, or online behavior. For instance, think of a consumer who visits several online retailers and explores their selection of smartphones and tablets. Later on in the evening, as he consumes OTT content, he may be presented with ad creative for mobile devices that — and this is key — aligns with the content he's viewing.

Here's another example: Say that a consumer is on YouTube and watches one video after another on foot races in the Olympics. As he watches those videos, he is presented with footwear ads that feature past Olympic champions in the 100-meter sprint. The ad creative has been personalized according to the individual's tastes and sensibilities.

Of course, personalization initiatives are painted with broader brushstrokes than the example above would indicate. On the other hand, personalization can be implemented across all digital marketing platforms, making it a highly flexible and effective integrated marketing strategy component.

The ROI of Combining OTT with Other Digital Marketing Channels

In summary, OTT advertising by itself is a powerful engine for driving engagement, generating leads, and ultimately increasing sales. However, OTT becomes much more impactful when combined with other digital marketing channels and integrated marketing strategies and tactics. Three ways to make this happen are:

  1. To deploy consistent cross-channel marketing
  2. To invest in retargeting tactics
  3. To personalize your ad creative according to the end consumer's tastes and sensibilities (to the extent possible)

When companies put forth an effort to combine their OTT advertising initiatives with these other techniques, they can achieve a much higher ROI than they would with OTT alone.

Of course, if an integrated marketing strategy is not one of your core competencies, you can always enlist an experienced media partner's aid. Such a reputable agency will be able to guide you through the intricacies of a consolidated approach. In any case, look for ways to combine your OTT advertising with other channels as soon as possible. You won't regret doing so.

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