5 Signs Your Business is Ready to Hire an Agency

Growing your in-house marketing team can be costly and limiting, especially if you need a scalable marketing solution as your business grows.

If you want your business to succeed with a reliable marketing department, there are several key benefits to complementing your in-house team with an agency. These benefits come to the forefront once the following signs arise that it is time to hire an agency.

In-House Team is Overwhelmed

As your marketing plans develop, you may find that your marketing tasks begin to pile up in unforeseen ways. You may struggle to keep up with seemingly endless tasks, without enough resources and staff to tackle the mounting workload. 

If your marketing department is overwhelmed, this could also render your business unable to achieve the highest possible ROI. It can get to the point where you're spending almost as much as you're earning.

No Budget to Hire a Team of Full-Time Specialists

To get the same benefits that you would when hiring an agency, you would need to hire multiple full-time employees with expertise in various areas. Most in-house departments don’t have that kind of money available.

With the help of a marketing agency, you can gain access to experts in different areas and use that expertise to boost your marketing efforts significantly. At the same time, you won't need to spend as much as you would when hiring individual employees.

Influx of Leads Is Slowing Down

Your marketing efforts should be bringing in a constant flow of leads. If they're not, it's important to identify which weak points are behind the drop in leads and address them. If you find that the flow of leads turns into a trickle and then a bottleneck, it's time to consider getting some help from a dependable agency.

The right agency will help you identify where your marketing efforts are suffering and work to eliminate those pain points. That helps you bring in consistent, high-quality leads that are more likely to convert to customers. 

Already Outsourcing Services

Many companies with in-house teams still utilize outsourcing for projects such as video and graphic design. Suppose you need more work completed in various areas, it can eventually be more cost-effective and efficient to hire a marketing agency. This approach enables you to have multiple experts available in one place at an affordable cost. Best-in-class agencies have their own videographers and graphic designers.

Interested in the Newest Technology

Certain marketing technology such as over-the-top (OTT) and geofencing are extremely useful but have a steep learning curve. If you want to market to the right audience at the right time using many channels, you can't afford to overlook these technological developments. The right agency will know how to use these tools based on your goals. At the same time, they help you save money on training and provide expertise to ensure high ROI from the get-go. 

Find the Ideal Marketing Agency to Help You Get the Most from Your Campaigns

Hiring a reputable and experienced marketing agency to complement your in-house marketing team can save time, money, and effort. With the right agency by your side, you won't need to worry about hiring and paying more employees, building a team of people with the expertise you need, training on the many tools out there, losing leads, or overwhelming your in-house teams. 

Want to find out how a reliable partner can give your business what it needs to excel? Learn more about how an agency can help you with a free consultation with Emmis Marketing. We're ready to show how you can flourish with the resources you need through a partner you can trust.

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