7 Things Your Marketing Department Could Be Doing if You Hired a Marketing Agency

Any top-notch marketing campaign includes a set of sophisticated tactics. To achieve success, the process requires time, effort, and full dedication. A small marketing team often struggles to explore the latest trends while implementing an efficient strategy.

By outsourcing your marketing tasks to an agency, you can be sure all major aspects of a campaign are covered. Such an approach doesn't just have a high ROI; it allows your business to grow while competing with larger companies.

But what about your existing marketing team? Marketing campaigns are so diverse and intricate; your in-house experts won't have time to sit on the sidelines.

1. Focus on Business Goals

The quality of a marketing strategy depends on its alignment with business goals. While the marketing agency is working out the latest tactics, your in-house department can focus on those goals.

You will have time to explore your company’s core needs without being pulled in different directions at once. 

2. Transform Goals into Strategy

Transforming goals into a strategy can be the toughest part of the marketing campaign. Your existing marketing team is great at focusing on business goals. However, it may have trouble singling out the perfect strategy for the company.

A marketing agency brings a fresh perspective into the picture. They have sufficient time for research, evaluation, and implementation.

Small in-house teams are generally so busy with executing tactics; they don't have time to stop and look at the big picture.

A marketing agency gives your marketing team the time and space to focus on goal transformation while offering the latest tools. Together, both can work to implement and execute a fine-tuned strategy.

3. Produce High-Quality Content Faster

Content is the pillar of any marketing campaign. The amount of content a company needs to power up a top-notch strategy is overwhelming.

The myriad of tasks demanding attention from small, in-house marketing teams makes it hard to produce and promote high-quality content at an ideal speed. A marketing agency enables in-house teams to maintain the same level of quality while increasing output. 

4. Access the Latest Technology

The latest technology dictates the structure of marketing campaigns. The high learning curve of these technologies could slow your in-house department down.

By working with a marketing agency, you can take full advantage of such tech as OTT/connected TV advertising, geofencing, voice search, and more.

To understand how to apply the new tech, marketing teams need assistance from various other experts. In small companies, such expertise can be lacking.

An agency allows you to take advantage of the most sophisticated technologies coupled with marketing intelligence, to achieve the highest ROI. Your in-house marketing department can exploit opportunities without struggling with a steep learning curve.

5. Quickly Scale Up or Down

The needs of your company may change rapidly. When scaling your business, the toughest part is to manage talent. Hiring and firing new marketing experts every time the company's situation changes is frustrating.

When you are collaborating with a marketing agency, you can always adjust the contract to work with more or fewer experts.

You don't have to face the dilemma of letting staff go every time you need to cut costs. You can keep a small in-house marketing department while outsourcing the majority of the tasks to an agency.

6. Expand Social Media Presence

Social media marketing (SMM) is a highly complex and diverse component of your marketing campaign. You need to invest time, money, and effort to take full advantage of all the available platforms, 

A small team simply can't explore all aspects of SMM without ignoring other important parts of the campaign.

When you hire a marketing agency, you get access to various SMM experts who have experience with each platform. They can help you expand the social media presence without expanding your in-house marketing team.

7. Compete with Larger Companies

If you want to compete with larger companies traditionally, you need to create a more extensive in-house marketing department. This involves paying salaries, worrying about benefits, and struggling with scaling.

A smart alternative is to work with a marketing agency. It's a simple way to have a large marketing department without actually hiring one. While your competitors struggle with the complexity of an expanded team, you can match their capabilities without the headache of full time hires.

Explore Opportunities Provided By a Marketing Agency

Regardless of its experience and strong work ethic, a small in-house marketing department can't cover all the aspects of a solid marketing campaign. By working with a marketing agency, you are getting access to various experts who can create and execute a top-notch strategy.

Meanwhile, your in-house marketing department can have time to focus on an important set of tasks without being pulled in different directions. Working with a marketing agency allows you to achieve bold business goals without crippling expenses.

If you'd like to learn more about working with a marketing agency, please contact us today.

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