Employee Spotlight: Malcolm Weaver

Today we're shining our spotlight on Malcolm Weaver - a strategy loving Account Manager and self proclaimed "sneaker-head". Keep reading to learn more about his favorite projects to work on, his thoughts on the industry, and more.


What were you up to before you joined Emmis?

I previously worked with Direct Connect Logistix, Inc. (DCL) as their director of marketing and recruiting coordinator. 

What are your favorite projects to work on at Emmis?

My favorite projects to work on are the strong strategic campaigns that require the work of many strong minds. Developing an overall game plan to use marketing and advertising to navigate a consumer journey for our target audience. I love the challenge of finding the right person at the right time, and creating the right message to provide results. Working with colleagues to do this makes me better at what I do every time. There's not many places in the world where you can access the brains we bring together into one room. We build on each other’s energy and get excited when we get to the desired outcome. 

Why is effective marketing important to the success and growth of organizations?

In my mind, marketing is the way you connect with the audience without using all of the technical industry language. A lot of business owners I speak with tell their story from their understanding. They speak their language as if I am a professional in their industry. If companies do not find ways to connect with an audience in the audiences language – it will be hard to find success. That's why I love what I do so much, because it’s a connection to humans. I spend time learning about new industries on the regular and educate myself to have the knowledge needed to connect with the audience. It's a win-win because I learn with teammates and then deliver success.  

What characteristics do you think are needed to be successful in the industry?

You need to spend time practicing the proper listening techniques. If you’re able to listen to the most important points and communicate that back to your team then that is how you can find the most success. 

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I try to stay very active outside of work, it keeps my mind healthy. I LOVE to fish - I'm big time on fishing and staying by water as much as possible. Other than that I like to go bowling, stay active by working out, develop my golf game, and I'm slowly becoming a “sneaker-head” (a bad habit). I also try to get some reading in every now and then. 

What are three things you’d want with you if you were stranded on an island?

  1. A fishing pole -  to catch dinner and enjoy myself with.
  2. Endless writing and drawing materials.
  3. A guitar - I’d get good at it eventually.



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