Employee Spotlight: Michael Birky

Today we're shining a spotlight on Michael Birky, one of our talented Account Managers here at Emmis Marketing. Keep reading to learn more about Michael and his insights on how to be successful in the industry.


What are your responsibilities in your role as an Account Manager at Emmis?

A high level overview of the job is strategizing with Account Executives to build and execute digital marketing strategies. 


What is your favorite part about working at Emmis?

Definitely the people. It took no time at all to make friends and to feel like a family. 


How did you break into the industry and land your first job?

Networking. Networking is HUGE in today's world. I would think this is across the board, but the marketing industry specifically is heavily influenced by who you know. If you are in college or even just trying to switch careers, get in front of people and make connections. You never know who could open a door for you.


What characteristics do you need to be successful in the industry?

You need to be innovative, passionate, creative, and thoughtful.


Why is effective marketing important to the success and growth of organizations?

Marketing feels like it changes every week. You are constantly having to think of new ideas and ways to achieve goals. If you are able to continue to push the envelope, your marketing should be effective. One of the ways organizations can survive times like these is because through effective marketing. 


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I really enjoy going to concerts (when we were able to) and being outdoors. When I'm not outside I spend a lot of time playing Xbox (I'm currently on an Apex Legends binge). I'm also obsessed with football and am a high school varsity football coach. 


If given the chance, who would you like to be for a day.

Iron Man. No hesitation. 


Want to hear more from Michael? Connect with him on LinkedIn.



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