Employee Spotlight: Nick Escobar

Today we're shining a spotlight on our Nick Escobar, one of our Digital Sales Strategist and the resident office ping-pong champ. 


How did you break into the industry and land your first job? 

I actually graduated college with a degree in Business Communications and a Minor in Digital Media & Design, and couldn't find a job. I applied every day where eventually I just decided to take an entry-level job at Emmis Communications in the Promotions Department. Through networking and self-teaching I grew into different positions in different departments and have found my place.


What are your favorite projects to work on? 

I can't lie, my favorite projects are definitely our more integrated larger campaign projects. I like the strategy and collaboration our team has developed around working these types of campaigns.


What's your favorite thing about working in marketing?

No matter how much you know about marketing, you always can learn more. While the core aspects of marketing are relatively the same, the trends and strategy changes and evolves every day. I love it!


What's your advice for someone trying to break into the industry?

Never stop learning. There is always something over the horizon and if you're not looking at it, someone else is. Keep looking and learning!


What are your hobbies outside of work?

I am definitely a huge music junkie. I listen to everyone and everything. I'm addicted to the feelings music can invoke and listening to music is something I can do anytime!


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