How to Market the Indy Lifestyle

If you want your advertising to attract more leads and increase sales, you need to speak directly to your local audiences for the best results. As a local business, you should gain a deep understanding of the people you're advertising to and know what they want and need. For companies serving local customers in Indy, it's essential to connect with these audiences in unique and effective ways.

The Importance of Localizing Your Marketing

When marketing to a local audience, whether in Indianapolis or any other city, you need to adapt your messaging and other aspects to connect with that specific audience. Generic marketing materials simply won't work with everyone, especially if you want to establish your brand as part of the community.

People want to feel as though local businesses understand them personally, which you can do with good localized marketing. For example, when marketing to Indy audiences, you can empathize with them in your advertising by expressing the specific problems they face and how your solutions resolve them. You can also advertise around local events such as sporting events, festivals, celebrations, or others that familiarize audiences with your brand while building on their excitement.

When it comes to searching online alone, 46% of all Google searches pertain to local information. If you want to make sure that people find you when performing those searches or looking elsewhere, you need to localize your marketing efforts.

Tips for Marketing to Consumers in Indy

When advertising to audiences in Indianapolis, you must consider some things as you develop your marketing strategies. The following are some tips for marketing in Indy to help you get started.

Highlight activities that they can relate to

As you market to Indy audiences, think about what they enjoy doing. Are they into local sports and following teams like the Colts or the Pacers? Or do they prefer to spend their free time eating out at local hot spots, grabbing Mexican food at Livery, or burgers at Mimi Blue? Maybe they enjoy visiting local breweries on the weekends or nightlife at the Red Room, Metro, or other nightclubs, when it’s safe to do so. 

The more you know about what your audience likes to do, the more you can appeal to their tastes by highlighting their favorite activities. 

Represent your demographics

Want to know how to target your local demographic? It's not enough to speak to your audience—you need to represent them in your advertising accurately. You can develop specific personas through market segmentation, basing those personas on certain demographics and other unique characteristics. You can also hire actors to portray those demographics and help your audience further relate to your advertising. With accurate representation comes more emotional resonance and connectivity, showing your audience that you understand them and what they're seeking.

Advertise around popular programs and websites

Besides knowing what they're interested in and what they're like as Indy natives, you should also find out where your local audiences spend their time online and what media they consume on other platforms.

Think about what Indy audiences like to watch on local TV, when they're most likely to be watching, when they're online, and what they're searching. For instance, you might find that a segment consisting of busy professionals enjoys watching the local news in the evenings after work. In contrast, other groups spend a lot of time online in the afternoons using a particular social media platform. Based on their interests and the specific problems they face, audiences may be entering locally-targeted search queries on Google and other search engines. You can then target those search queries with digital ads, along with relevant, high-quality content such as blogs or social media posts.

Showcase local landmarks and teams

One of the most effective ways to connect with local Indy audiences is to include specific landmarks and sports teams in the area that help people recognize local ties. As people associate your business with the places that they frequent and teams they support, they'll likely come to trust your business over less integrated competitors.

Emmis Marketing has worked with a variety of teams to help many businesses establish a strong local connection, including:

One of the most prominent Indy landmarks that you can use to resonate with locals is Monument Circle, located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. This particular historical monument is known by Indy natives everywhere. It evokes a sense of Hoosier pride and can serve as a strong visual or emotional anchor for your marketing. Fun Fact: It also happens to be where the home base of Emmis Marketing sits.

In addition to Monument Circle, you can also cover many other landmarks in your advertising, from the picaresque Canal Walk and White River Wapahani Trail to Castleton Square Mall and the Indianapolis Zoo.

Optimize Your Marketing to Build a Strong Relationship with Local Audiences

If you can figure out how to speak directly to Indy audiences, you'll be able to market to them effectively through advertising and other materials. By learning as much about your audience as you can, representing those demographics in your advertising, and highlighting local features that interest those audiences, you can appeal to more local customers in Indy and beyond. 

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