How You Can Save and Make Money When You Hire the RIGHT Marketing Agency

As your business grows, you may be debating whether to hire another marketing specialist or partnering with an agency. However, it’s not merely a matter of choosing between bigger in-house vs. marketing agencies. 

Instead, marketing departments need to choose between increasing their in-house staff, working with the "average" marketing agency, and partnering with best-in-class (i.e., the "right") agency. The following is an overview of the differences between these three options to help you make the right choice.

Hiring In-House Marketing Specialists

In some cases, it may seem best to add to your in-house team. However, certain disadvantages can come with hiring more in-house specialists.

Vanity Metrics as KPIs

Key performance indicators among in-house specialists will be to please leadership through vanity metrics such as impressions instead of being focused on getting the best possible results and ROI from marketing efforts.

Employ a full staff

The biggest disadvantage is the need to employ a full marketing staff to cover all areas in marketing. This can be both costly and time-consuming as you need to find and hire multiple marketing specialists.

Specialist Excels in a Single Area

Specialists also excel in one area specifically, which may relegate them to SEO, PPC, or content strategy. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a “jack of all trades.” If you want top-quality video, web design, or other media to help you fully realize your marketing strategies, a single marketing specialist won’t have all the necessary skills. Subsequently, you'll need to outsource talent such as video production and graphic design to get the most from these tools.

Limited Ad Performance 

When it comes to ads, you'll also get average returns on ad spend with an in-house specialist and your tech stack will be considerably limited to the expertise of your specialist.. This is a natural consequence of hiring individual marketing specialists. By definition, they specialize in one area instead of all of advertising.

Hiring an "Average" Marketing Agency

Hiring an "average" marketing agency may be more affordable than hiring in-house specialists, but there are certain disadvantages that you won't find with the most compatible partner. 

KPIs Based On Vanity Metrics

Agencies interested in presenting results will focus on vanity metrics such as impressions or social media shares. In turn, the agency won't be focused on maximizing ROI and getting ideal results.

Pay Less and Get an Account Executive

With an "average" agency, you will be able to pay less than you would with in-house specialists. However, you may only be assigned a single account executive who will treat you as a number instead of leading as a trusted advisor. 

Specialists in One or Two Areas

You may get lucky and find an agency with specialists with expertise in a couple of different areas, but you're still limited compared to what you would get with the "right" agency.

Outsource Video Creation and Graphic Design

The typical marketing agency won't have people to help you with video content or graphic design. Even if they claim to do video themselves, they inevitably outsource and whitelabel those services.

High ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) on Some Platforms

One upside to working with an "average" agency is the possibility of potentially high returns on ad spend, but you'll be more limited on some platforms. This occurs because the average agency will only excel on platforms that have existed for a long time as opposed to platforms that include recent innovations such as programmatic advertising.

Limited Tech Stack for Ads

You would also be unable to benefit from the tech stack you would get with a more well-equipped marketing agency. For instance, the average agency will not have expertise in geofencing or OTT/connected TV

Partnering with the Right Marketing Agency

If you're concerned about limited expertise and resources associated with in-house specialists or the "average" agency, there are major advantages to partnering with the "right" agency.

How You Can Save and Make Money When You Hire the RIGHT Marketing Agency

KPI is Results-oriented and Focused on ROI

Contrary to in-house specialists and "average" agencies, a dependable marketing agency’s key performance indicators are getting the best results and maximizing ROI.

Pay Less and Get a Team of Specialists with Expertise in Multiple Areas

While in-house staff would require a full salary and benefits, you can pay less and gain access to an entire team of specialists. Not only do those specialists have expertise in marketing, but they will also likely have expertise in multiple areas to help your business, from ad ops and digital sales to PR and integrated marketing.

The right agency will also have their own in-house videographers and graphic designers that you can gain access to through a partnership.

Optimize ROAS and Benefit from a Better Tech Stack for Ads

Marketing agencies also give you the ability to optimize return on ad spend on all platforms. When it comes to tech stacks, you can surpass the competition with geofencing, OTT, pre-roll, and lookback technology to supercharge your ad campaigns.

Put simply, partnering with a reliable marketing agency can give you everything you need to succeed with your marketing while helping you stay within your available budget. At the same time, you can benefit from being able to focus on what matters: running and growing your business.

How to Find the Right Marketing Agency

While partnering with either an "average" agency can benefit you more than hiring in-house specialists, you will be able to yield better results if you find the "right" agency.

Unfortunately, it's not always clear how a marketing agency operates. However, you may gain some insight into how an agency works through free consultation or industry-relevant case studies, reviews, and testimonials. 

A consultation helps you discover how the agency would help your company based on your specific needs. Learning about past customers' experiences can further prove that the agency has what it takes to help your company succeed.


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