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Perfect Pairings: The Best Marketing Channels to Use for Different Marketing Goals

Maximizing marketing campaigns is the goal of any business or company. However, what makes this process so complicated is the number of marketing channels out there that can...

Do Your Tracking Methods Align with your Marketing Goals?

The ultimate goal of marketing is to have a positive return on your marketing investment or ROMI. It's not enough to merely track gross sales and the amount of money directly...

Employee Spotlight: Lee Arnold

Today we're shining a spotlight on Lee, a talented account executive with a dedication to client relationships. 

Going Beyond SMART Goals

SMART Goals are a business administration concept developed to teach managers the best way to communicate their overall objectives. SMART Goals also layout a pathway that...

How to Create a Storytelling Marketing Strategy

Over the last decade, marketers have started to use a storytelling marketing strategy to add monetary value to products or brands. Evidence of the strategy's effect unearthed...

Is Your Marketing Success Measurable or Make-Believe?

Is marketing an art or a science? The simple answer is: it is both.

Targeting Your Real Audience through Market Segmentation

To be a successful marketer, your first thought has to be the consumer and spending time breaking down who they are in their habits, opinions, and behaviors. This process is...

Some Affordable Content Management Tools for Struggling SMBs

Life was going along fine. You were creating beautiful content on schedule. It was so easy with all the contributors under one roof to meet your timeline and produce...

Employee Spotlight: Quinn Daily

This week we're shining our spotlight on Quinn Daily, a videographer with an interesting personal mantra.

Your Customers Have Changed: Re-Evaluating Your Target Audience

There's an old Yiddish proverb that states: "We plan, God laughs." So far the year 2020 has driven home the point that marketing plans may be among the most hilarious conceits...

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