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Intern Spotlight: Max Tucker

In honor of National Internship Awareness Month, we caught up with our marketing intern Max. See what kind of an impact working at Emmis has had on him and how he's handling...

Working With Distance

Sometimes collaborating can be tough from home. At Emmis we make sure to work hard, but also look at the positives during this time. Who says working from home has to be boring!

3 Marketing Must Do's

The first thing to know about marketing during COVID-19: don’t stop.

As big businesses around the country are pulling campaigns and reevaluating their marketing strategies in...

Anything But The "P" Word

“I promise not to use the word pivot. I promise! Anything but pivot!” This is the pep talk I’m currently giving myself as I prepare to deliver a marketing webinar for Emmis...

Let's All Be Leaders

A few days ago, thought leader and author John C. Maxwell shared a quote: 

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the...

Marketers Should Lean In Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s impossible to escape the news of the COVID-19 outbreak. In Indianapolis, where I reside, there has been quite a shake-up. Locally, the Big Ten Conference men’s basketball...

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