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Your Customers Have Changed: Re-Evaluating Your Target Audience

There's an old Yiddish proverb that states: "We plan, God laughs." So far the year 2020 has driven home the point that marketing plans may be among the most hilarious conceits...

How to Align Your Marketing Plan with 2020 Surprises

2020 has been filled with surprises and shifts in what your business needs to provide, both to your community and your customers. You have faced new rules that you must adhere...

Your Unfair Advantage: Marketing During Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty, like the current coronavirus crisis, many businesses are dealing with substantial challenges. Major multinational companies are slashing their...

Digital Marketing as a Coronavirus (Advertising) Cure

As businesses around the world continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19, many marketers are facing a reduction in available ad spend. Companies that have to cut costs...

Working With Distance

Sometimes collaborating can be tough from home. At Emmis we make sure to work hard, but also look at the positives during this time. Who says working from home has to be boring!