The Experience and Expertise You Get When You Hire Emmis Marketing

Are you interested in a high-quality experience that will allow you to reach your marketing goals? Your ROI is our business--and we work hard to ensure that you're seeing a genuine return on your ad investment. 

What can you expect when you work with Emmis Marketing? Check out what our team brings to the table. 

We Make Marketing Easier

Often, marketers find themselves struggling to create a robust, effective strategy that will help them meet their goals. What platforms should you use? Where can you most effectively connect with your interested customers? 

Emmis Marketing streamlines the entire marketing process, from helping you create more effective marketing goals to designing the creative material that will appeal to your customers. 

We partner with our clients to help them achieve the marketing results they're looking for. We work to understand our partners' goals, then deliver on the results they expect from their marketing efforts. 

Our Team Members

The Emmis Marketing team is comprised of a range of marketing professionals who work together to maximize your ad ROI and help you achieve the results you need. These include:

An Ad Ops specialist who focuses on increasing your return on ad spend and ensuring that you have the data you need to make decisions about your ad campaign. 

A Digital Sales Specialist who finds the perfect placement for all your ads, getting your ads in front of the right audience for maximum results. 

A Graphic Designer who focuses on the actual design of your creative materials, providing you with professional design for every ad. 

A Videographer who helps produce the stunning creative content you need for video ads--one of the fastest-growing areas of ad. 

Our firm has the staff and capacity needed to allow you to scale your ads based on your needs. We adapt to your current plans and desires, whether you're building up your ad campaign in an effort to bring in new business or you need to scale back. 

Great Ads Start with Great Strategies

You can have the best creative ideas in the world, but without a solid marketing strategy, they aren’t enough to help you realize your marketing goals. We start with certified marketing strategists who will connect with your executive team to get a better understanding of your organization's goals and objectives. We'll discuss your options for success, fitting our plans into your ad budget and helping you design a winning ad strategy that will help your business reach new people. 

Our goal is to bring your plan to life, whatever that may look like. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? We can help. Want to raise sales in a specific area? We're here to help you accomplish those goals. We'll focus on the key performance indicators that matter to your business, whether that's social engagement or actual conversions--not on a pre-set marketing program that applies to every potential client. 

Technology Matters

At Emmis Marketing, we use the latest technology: 

  • Targeted display ads, which means your ads will reach your target audience;
  • Geo-fencing, which will ensure that your ads go to the right physical locations
  • Pre-roll and geo-video, which will help ensure that your content is seen by the right prospects
  • OTT and connected TV, which will help your ads appear on Amazon Video and YouTube: the content viewers are watching now more than ever. 

Not only do we help our clients make use of the latest technology, but we also ensure that they have the data they need to make first-class decisions. We have the best-in-class reporting technology, which provides data from every single website running your ads. 

If you're looking for a winning combination that can help you achieve your marketing goals, Emmis Marketing can deliver. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your business.

The Experience and Expertise You Get When You Hire Emmis Marketing

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