What's a Good Form Fill/Email to Lead Ratio?

If you want to gauge your email campaigns and contact forms’ success, one way to measure their performance is to look at your form fill and email to lead ratios. In an email campaign, you'll want to find out how many leads your campaign is attracting, which you can determine through the email to lead ratio.

You start by checking the open rate, which is the percentage of recipients who open your emails. From there, you can look at click-through rates to see who's visiting your website from those emails. Based on how many people complete your contact form and become leads after opening and clicking through, you can gain insight into your email campaigns’ overall effectiveness.

Unfortunately, it isn't always clear what defines a successful campaign. However, there are ways to decide on the ideal form fill/email to lead ratio based on your specific goals and marketing plans.

What Percentage Is Considered a Success?

You may be wondering what qualifies as an acceptable form fill/email to lead ratio. One study of a newsletter campaign found that the average open rate is at 23.4% when it comes to open rate, while the average click-through rate was 17.8%. On the other hand, these numbers can differ depending on several factors. 

Your open rate and click-through rates will be based on the type of campaign, how well you target your audience, and how much people trust your brand, among other contributors. There is no magic number out there, but ultimately the ROI of your campaigns will help you identify that sweet spot for form fill/email to lead ratios.

How This Relates to Each Campaign and Brand

If you want to figure out the best form fill/email to lead ratio, these metrics will depend on the specific campaign and your audience. Some will yield higher open and click-through rates than others, and certain audiences will also likely complete actions more frequently than others. It all comes down to the types of emails your recipients are getting and your audience segments.

For instance, you may find that a monthly newsletter sent to more committed audiences results in a higher open rate but a lower click-through rate. This is likely because that audience is familiar with your brand and offerings or even consists of past customers. Many of these people aren't as likely to visit your website with every newsletter. On the other hand, emails sent to past customers informing them of new or similar products that appeal to their interests may result in a higher click-through rate.

If you aren't sure what the right percentages are and want to increase form fill ratios or email to lead ratios, there are ways to optimize your campaigns' performance and increase conversions.

Tips for Increasing Your Form Fill/Email to Lead Ratio

When measuring email to lead ratios, you may find that they're not meeting your marketing goals, in which case you may need to make some changes to your campaigns. If you want to improve conversions and see an increase in open and click-through rates, the following are a couple of tips to help you get the most from your email campaigns. 

Make Sure Your Messaging is Consistent

One of the best ways to build trust among your audiences and get them to convert to leads is to create a consistent brand identity in their mind. Dependable messaging in every touchpoint is one of the keys to developing that image and increasing recognition. If you find that people aren't responding to your email campaigns the way you want them to, inconsistent messaging between your emails and website may be the culprit.

Try to maintain consistent messaging across your content, with the same language, tone, and CTAs that people should expect from your brand. Also, consider the visual elements: different color schemes, types of images, and even fonts could lead to a disjointed brand image.

To further maintain consistency, ensure your landing pages are relevant to their corresponding email campaigns. Otherwise, people may have difficulty finding what they're looking for based on your emails and simply turn away.

Test Your Campaigns

Do you have more than one idea for a campaign but aren't sure which one to launch? With A/B testing, you don't have to choose. If you implement this strategy, you can efficiently run two campaigns simultaneously to see which performs better. Based on how people respond to one vs. the other, you can decide which should be your focus. If you find that both campaigns are performing optimally, you may choose to continue running both.

With enough testing, you'll be able to create high-performing campaigns that give you the best possible conversion rates.

Know Your Audience and Optimize Campaigns to Boost Form Fill/Email to Lead Ratios

When trying to determine the best form fill/email to lead ratios, assess your audience’s preferences, and test your campaigns. At the same time, make sure that your messaging is consistent across all content. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new techniques to figure out which turn more prospects into customers. With the right strategy and an understanding of what qualifies as a good ratio based on your goals, you can boost conversions and get the most from your campaigns.

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