Your Permission Slip to Explore Other Agency Options

Are you currently unhappy with the performance of your marketing campaigns with your current agency? If you're not getting the results you want, you're not alone in your frustration. You don't need to commit to your agency, either. The longer you wait, and the less beneficial your agency is, the more your campaigns and business could suffer. You should feel free to explore other agency options if it means you'll get better results without wasting more of your time and budget.

Here are some perfectly valid reasons for seeking another agency if you're not satisfied with your current partner.

You Deserve to See Results

One of the main reasons people begin to explore other possible marketing agency partners is the lack of results. It’s part of the reason overall relationships are the second biggest motivator for businesses to switch ad agencies just below cost.

Some agencies may over-promise from the start, setting unrealistic expectations, while others underperform and neglect to address any issues adequately. Unfortunately, many agencies may not be transparent and fail to disclose exactly why a campaign isn't performing well. Many agencies may not understand your business or industry, which could also lead to poor results.

Regardless of the reason, you're not getting the results you want. You deserve to see them with the right agency by your side. With a good agency partner behind your campaigns, you'll benefit from a partnership that's both transparent and helpful. For example, when meeting with an agency in an initial consultation, the right agency will set realistic expectations and avoid making any promises they may not keep. Instead, a dependable marketing agency will encourage everyone to work together to achieve the results you want over time, with an in-depth plan in place.

Time is Money

Working with the wrong agency could result in a stall in growing your business and increasing ROI.  That waste of time translates to a waste of money that can hold your company back. This might look like working with an agency that is underperforming, doesn't communicate effectively, doesn't mesh with your marketing team, or leaving you dissatisfied in any other way. 

If you spend your marketing budget elsewhere and take your chances on another agency, you won't need to waste any more money on a situation that makes you unhappy. With the right agency backing your business, you'll be able to save and make more money while wasting less time. You'll be consistently pleased with your partner, work more cohesively, and be more likely to get better results because the agency values your goals over theirs. 

Change is a Good Thing

In many cases, businesses stay with their current agency out of fear of change. They're also often reluctant to begin the process of finding and choosing another agency all over again. That mix of fear and reluctance creates the concern that they'll make another choice that's just as bad or worse, making their efforts fruitless and another waste of time and money. Ultimately, many businesses are afraid of failure, as 50% of small businesses fail by their fifth year. However, that failure is often due to a lack of change needed to move forward and grow.

If a company wants to avoid failure, change is often necessary. If you begin the search for a new agency and find the right partner that can help you achieve your goals, you'll have a better chance of succeeding. Otherwise, you may find that your business flounders as you remain unable to get the results you want. It can be a headache even to contemplate, but looking for another agency can save you a lot more frustration in the future if you land the ideal partnership.

As you look for an agency you can count on, you'll know you've found the right partner based on how they interact with you from the start. During that first consultation, the agency should take some time to get to know you as a business and your specific marketing goals. Some agencies will spend too much time talking about themselves and what they can do for you, but the right agency will focus on your wants and needs. Try to find an agency that's willing to learn as much as possible about you and your industry, showing how invested they are in helping you succeed. Subsequently, you'll likely find that you waste less time and resources on a selfish agency that's mainly concerned about its bottom line.

Look for an Agency That's the Right Fit for Your Business

You deserve to see the results you want, and you can't afford to waste time and money. This is why it might be best to start looking for another agency that can give your marketing the boost it needs to help you excel. A new agency could be precisely the change you need to propel your business and get the results you've wanted. Not only is exploring a new agency a valid step to take, but it's also encouraged. With the right marketing agency by your side, you'll be unstoppable. You'll have the chance to develop effective strategies and avoid wasting resources as you surpass competitors and increase sales.

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